Siemens Pure Carat Hearing Aids Reviews

Siemens Pure Carat Hearing Aids, Discreet and Powerful

Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids are tiny receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids that are powerful enough for those with severe hearing loss. While the Pure family of hearing aids from Siemens is tiny and discreet, Pure Carat is only slightly larger, approximately 3 centimeters, but has more power for people with profound hearing loss. The hearing device has a high-performance receiver, which sits in the ear canal and can amplify speech and other sounds up to 130 decibels.

There are many new options on the Pure Carat, including the ability to change the outer casing and receiver easily. If you want a new look, or change the color of your hair and want your hearing aid to blend, you can simply take it back to your hearing professional and within minutes he can switch the case from a brown to golden blond. The receiver is also easy to change, if necessary, with just a twist and turn you can remove the old one and replace it with a new one.

There are two types of receivers for the Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids. The S receiver has a dome to insure proper placement in the ear canal. The HP (high power) mini- receiver requires impressions of the ear canal to create a custom in-the-canal shell for optimized fitting.

Even though the hearing device is tiny, there’s an easy to use adjustment on the back, allowing the user to turn it off and on and make any changes necessary in the program or volume. In addition, the housing contains the charging contact since the Pure Carat is one of the few receiver-in-the canal hearing devices you can recharge. There’s no need to change batteries continuously, making this another easy to use feature offered on this remarkably small device. However, if you do have to change batteries, it’s a simple-to-do process with a door easily opening for the task.

Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids comes in four models: 701, 501, 301 and 101. The 701 is the deluxe model with many features not on the 101.


SpeechFocus: SpeechFocus hones in on the speech regardless of the location of the speaker. If you’re in front of the speaker, such as in a car driving, there’s no need to miss a word of the dialogue with SpeechFocus. This is only available on the 701 model.

Number of Channels: Depending on the model, the number of channels for fine-tuning the hearing aid varies. The 701 has 16 channels. The 501 has 12 and the 301has 8. The101 models have 6 channels.

Directional Microphones: All the Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids have directional microphones. The 701 and 501 models have automatic multi-channel adaptive directional microphones. The 301 model has automatic adaptive directional microphones and the 101 models have automatic directional microphones. The directional microphones soften the noises around the speaker so you can more easily focus on what they are saying.

Color Exchange Feature: Every model of the Pure Carat allows the user to change the color of the housing easily, making the hearing device flexible enough to change with your individual desires.

FeedbackStopper: No matter which of the Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids you select, you’ll have the option of automatic FeedbackStopper. This feature stops the embarrassing whistling of your hearing aid before it begins.

SoundBrilliance: The 701 and 501 models offer SoundBrilliance. The program enhances high-frequency sounds to make listening more enjoyable.

E2e wireless 2.0: All models of the Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids, except the 101, offer e2e wireless 2.0, a program designed to synchronize the hearing aids so they work in unison.

TruEar: Sometimes hearing aid users have a difficult time identifying where a sound originates. The TrueEar feature helps eliminate that problem and is available on the 701 and 501 models.

SoundSmoothing: Before SoundSmoothing, hearing aids magnified loud crashes or annoying sounds right along with speech and sounds the hearing aid user wanted to hear. Now with SoundSmoothing, the hearing device isolates these sounds and makes them softer. SoundSmoothing is available on all but the 101 Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids.

miniTek and Tek: Both the Tek and the miniTek are optional features that turn the hearing aids into a headset for telephones, televisions and other multi-media devices. It’s optional and available on all models but the 101.

Speech and Noise Management: Every model of Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids has speech and noise management, which enhances speech while lowering the background noise that can cover it.

Number of Programs Available: You can preset settings to coincide with different listening environments. The 701, 501 and 301 allow for five programs and the 101 allows you to set three.

eWindScreen: Nothing can make a casual walk in the park with a friend more irritating than wind noise. All models of Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids have eWindScreen, which detects and softens the wind noise automatically.

SoundLearning and SoundLearning2.0: SoundLearning adapts to your preferences in both volume and sound automatically. SoundLearning 2.0 does the same but takes into consideration the listening environment too. SoundLearning is available on the 701 and 501 models, while the 2.0 version is only available on the 701.

DataLearning: DataLearning is another feature that makes your Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids smarter. Because of this program, your hearing devices learn your volume preferences and automatically adapts to them. The feature is on all but the 101 models.

DataLogging: DataLogging gives your hearing professional the information he needs to help individualize the setting on your hearing device. The feature records the microphone modes and program usage, among other types of data, so the professional can fine-tune the hearing device on your next visit.

eCharger: You’ll no longer need to keep changing batteries because all of the Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids come with an eCharger. The charger also has an electronic drying function to protect your hearing aids from moisture. It makes caring for your hearing device easy and saves money on batteries too. The eCharger comes with ever model of the Pure Carat.

ProPocket: ProPocket is the standard remote control available for all models, except the 101. It allows you to change the settings on the hearing aid, change volume or perform other functions easily and effortlessly with just a click of a button.

ePen: In some situations, the use of a standard remote just isn’t feasible and draws attention to your hearing device. In those times, you can use the ePen to adjust your Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids and nobody will be the wiser. It looks like an ordinary pen, but with just a twist or turn, you’ll be in complete control of your hearing aid settings.

Price and Benefits

The cost for the Pure Carat hearing aids range from $800 to $3700 per hearing device, depending on the model you select and the dispenser. However, the option for a small yet power-packed hearing aid beneficial even to those with severe hearing loss is worth the price, especially when it has the rechargeable feature with the electronic dryer. The higher cost 701 model has all the options available, including ease of use with telephones and other sound devices. Too frequently, people can’t use their hearing aid with cell phones rendering them useless when you need them the most. These features and more make the Siemens Pure Carat hearing aids a bargain, even if the price is high.

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