Sold me discontinued product

by John

I have a pair of behind the ear hearing aids from Costco. I have had constant problems with them.

Frequent issues with the receivers going out and loud squelch noise. I have had them 4 years and they have been rebuilt 3 times plus so many new receivers I have lost track.

Recently while on vacation in Hawaii both receivers went out. I went to a Costco there. They replaced both receivers but let me know they didn't have the correct ones as my units were discontinued in 2007.

I questioned that as I have had them 4 years and they assured me parts were very hard to get for them as they are so old. I cannot complain about the service as they always fix them.

However it is a pain to constantly be going in for repairs and being without them at times. I am going to go talk to them next week and see what they have to say about this.

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