Songbird Hearing Aid

The Songbird Hearing Aid , an invention by the prestigious RCA Labs, now known as the Sarnoff Corporation, offers those with mild to moderate hearing impairments a means to hear again. There is also an opportunity to for anyone who just needs help in certain occasions to hear a bit better to be serviced.

RCA is the company famous for the old Victrola, the technological brainchild of HGTV as well as Satellite TV. Songbird Hearing Aids have three different models to choose from:

• Songbird Ultra Hearing Aid

• Songbird Flexfit Hearing Aid

• Songbird Flexfit Disposable Hearing Aid

Songbird's top of the line hearing aid is the Ultra. This model comes with replaceable 312 hearing aid batteries and also offers the same crystal clear technology as the other two models.

In addition the Ultra has feedback cancellation, noise reduction, and technology to supplement the sound: Soundboost. This is the smallest hearing aid from the Songbird line and can be worn in either the left or right ear with the equipment provided. You can purchase the Songbird Ultra hearing aid on their website for $299.90 per aid. The Ultra comes with a 90 day warranty.

The Songbird Flexfit comes in a disposable and traditional model. The traditional model has the ability to extend the battery life of a standard 312 hearing aid battery to last twice as long as normal. There is a 45 day trial period for this aid that offers crystal clear sound technology.

A modular design lets the patient wear it either in the left or right ear. Harmonic distortion ranges from 0.3%-0.9% with 500Hz-1600Hz. The highest frequency range holds at 200-8000 Hz. The attack time for the Flexfit is notated as typically 2.5ms to a maximum of 5.0ms. It's easy to change the battery and clean it as well. The Songbird Flexfit hearing aid also comes with a 90 day warranty. This hearing device sells on Songbird’s website for $199.90 per aid.

The Flexfit also comes in a disposable model. The Flexfit Disposable can last 400 hours while active. It has a volume control that also is the on and off switch. When it has run out of life, simply toss it in the trash and buy another one. It does not take traditional hearing aid batteries and there is no need to replace them since this listening device is disposable.

This type of hearing aid is a perfect choice for those who need a small adjustment is sound in certain situations such as a crowd in a large party or to hear the television a bit better. Its ease of use allows for the user to wear it on occasion and take out and turn off when not needed. The harmonic distortion from 500 to 1600 Hz is 0.3% max. The attack time holds at 2.7ms.

The Flexfit Disposable is available on the Songbird hearing aid website and sells for $99.90 per aid. It does not come with a warranty.

Each model from Songbird is a digital behind-the-ear (BTE) aid. Easy to use and fit, they are able to be used straight out of the box. The Songbird hearing aid line is not, however, made for children. They will only discreetly fit an adult's ear. There are three models that can be purchased either online or over the telephone. All three models come preprogrammed from the factory and cannot be reprogrammed. This is somewhat of a disadvantage if you would need more gain in some frequencies and less gain in others.

Songbird also offers a small range of accessories for their hearing aids. These include the replacement earpiece for the Flexfit, TV ears, medium sized ear assemblies and cleaning kits.

There is no need to have a medical exam before purchasing a Songbird hearing aid, although it is recommended. Their ease of use complements the ease of ordering one of the models from this line. Please be aware, if the hearing impaired individual suffers anything greater than a moderate hearing loss or is a child, Songbird themselves recommends that their product may not be the perfect choice.

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