Sonic Digital Hearing Aids Review

Sonic Digital Hearing Aids or Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids or has arrived and it is quickly becoming one of the fasting growing hearing aid manufacturers in the world. The company produces a wide range of digital hearing aids and cochlear implants which are known for their ability to significant enhance hearing.

The success of the company is strongly rooted in its development of unique Digital Signal Processing Technologies. Such advanced technology opens the doors for reversing many problems with hearing loss.

Sonic Digital Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations produces a number of excellent digital hearing aids. Different hearing aid models will all have their own unique features, attributes, and benefits. The following is a brief overview of the main models offered by Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids along with their most pronounced features:


Varicom Sonic Digital Hearing Aids are intended to enhance the processing of speech nuances. This allows conversations to be better heard and, in turn, better understood.

Key Features of the Varicom Models

• Automated system immediately detects changes in your environment

• Wireless connectivity can connect the hearing aid to a wide range of external sound devices

• Variable speech processing can regulate different speech patterns picked up by the device

No matter what "conversation style" this device picks up, it can decode it with enhanced hearing clarity. This makes it the perfect hearing aid for those that have to deal with the public on a regular basis.


As the name implies, this is a directional hearing aid line designed to improve and enhance hearing in a wide range of different situation. Noise reduction is another tremendous benefit associated with these particular hearing aids.

Key Features of the Velocity Models

• Directionality is hybrid in design

• Programming can be suited for specific environments

• An overdrive system is in place in its design

• Noise reduction is effectively enhanced allowing for crystal clear sound

Overall, the technology that goes into this particular hearing aid allows it to provide perfect sound no matter where you may be.


The Groove is a custom hearing aid designed to meld into the natural shape of your ear. This allows these Sonic digital hearing aids to remain completely out of sight while also adding to the great comfort of wearing the device.

Key Features of the Groove Models

• Requires no extraneous hardware

• S.M.A.R.T. Tones will inform the wearer of issues such as a low battery, start up delay, and power on

• Fits with the contour of your ear for added comfort

In some ways, you could call the Groove hearing aid one that has been designed for cosmetic appearances. This is partially true as also delivers in terms of performance.


The unique directional system and the noise reduction technology of this hearing aid sets it apart from many other models on the market.

Key Features of the Touch Models

• The technology of the device is mid-level in design

• An overdrive system is provided

• The lightweight design of this model makes it very easy to wear

• 5 base colors and 15 interchangeable accent colors give it a unique sense of style


The Endura Power BTE Sonic digital hearing aids fit behind the ear in an almost innocuous manner. It is designed for those with active lifestyles that need an effective amount of sound amplification. This particular model distinguishes from other hearing aids due to its significant power. This is a behind the ear device that can pick up on quite a number of different frequencies. The great variety of different frequencies this BTE device can pick up allows it to remain one of the top hearing aids available for enhanced sound amplification.

Key Features of the Endura Models

• 6 different colors are available

• Direct Audio Input (DIA) allows it to easily connect to a wireless device such as a FM receiver, MP3 player, or Bluetooth system

• Balanced hearing solutions further boost the clarity of sound

• Sound amplifies across all frequencies

IonThe Ion is hardly noticeable when worn allowing this particular model to offer a mix of clarity and cosmetics difficult to find in other models.

Key Features of the Ion Models

• An adaptive directional system has been enhanced to include impactful noise reduction

• Feedback management

• Varied listening programs

• Available in a variety of colors

• S.M.A.R.T Technology

• Moisture resistance is enhanced

Despite its small and seemingly innocuous size, the Ion is a hearing aid packed with all manner of excellent, helpful features.

Natura Pro

The Natura Pro line of Sonic digital hearing aids offered by Sonic Innovations is designed to provide quality enhancements of hearing at an affordable price. Even with the very low prices, these hearing aids are packed with a wide range of features.

Key Features of the Natura Pro Models

• Fixed noise reduction is a possible at three levels

• S.M.A.R.T Technology

• Feedback canceller with gain adjuster enhances the clarity of sound

• The directionality features three configurable patterns

• Expansion is fixed at four levels

Cochlear Implants - Advanced Sonic Digital Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations also produces a range of cochlear implant hearing aids. Those with significant hearing loss that will not attain much improvement through using traditional digital hearing aids may find a cochlear implant can be beneficial. These implants have been shown to greatly help even those with very minimal hearing.

One thing that needs to be understood about these hearing aids - they will not restore normal hearing. This is a common misconception surrounding how they work. However, what these hearing aids can do is significantly increases sound. That is why those that barely have any hearing ability can make out sounds in a clear manner. Of course, individual results will vary but these implant hearing aids have been shown to deliver excellent results. Candidate for the implants that undergo the process successfully will be surprised at how the device is capable of improving hearing to a significant degree.

One of the more interesting aspects of this particular hearing aid implant is that it is designed to contribute to the brain's ability to process sound in an active manner. That can have the potential of actually slowing down the progression of hearing loss.

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