Sonus Hearing Aids

Sonus hearing aids have been on the market since 1993. Granddaddy to Sonus is Amplifon Group whom is world renowned for offering hearing services through products and research.

Sonus can stand on its own, however, as the largest professional network on the continent that offers hearing services. Today they have over 3,500 hearing and service centers throughout the world.

No matter what type of budget you have to spend on Sonus hearing aids, the company offers something to match it. To add to its diversity, Sonus also offers the hearing impaired patients a variety of technological wonders that will aid you in your search for a hearing aid that will benefit your particular hearing loss.

Sonus is not a hearing aid manufacturer, but rather a large network that dispenses hearing aids. Sonus dispenses hearing instruments from the following manufacturers: Phonak, GN ReSound, Siemens, and Unitron.

Because Sonus is not a manufacturer of hearing aids, they are able to offer a wide selection of instruments from four major manufacturers.

Different Solutions for Different Lifestyles

The Sonus hearing aids are available in customized "Solution Packages." An important start to finding what package is best for you is taking a hearing test.

This way your particular hearing loss can be pinpointed so that you are assured you are getting the correct package for you. It is also important that you understand the differences in the different types of hearing loss that people have.

Depending on what it is you cannot hear will make or break the proper use of the hearing aid you acquire.

Keep these following things in mind when looking over the array of Sonus hearing aids on the market.

Do you have an active or laid back lifestyle? Are you just having trouble hearing the TV set, or people in large crowds?

Have you noticed that you have an even more profound problem with your hearing? This medical condition can be brought about by such things as infections, genetics, or as a result of some other illness.

Sonus hearing aids can help you whether you suffer from conductive hearing loss, wherein the sound diminishes between the outer and inner ear; sensorineural hearing loss that involves deterioration within the inner ear or nerve; or mixed hearing loss that gives the patient a combination of problems within the outer, middle, or inner ear.

Since Sonus does not have its own brand of hearing aids, I can not give you the technical data for each instrument. It would be best for you to go to the web page of the specific brand of hearing aid that you are considering.

Every hearing device from Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, and Unitron is bundled into a package that includes a repair warranty, loss and damage insurance coverage, Sonus hearing aid batteries, and in-office followup care.

They offer four different bundles or packages: Premier, Signature, Advantage, and Plus. The Premier Solution offers the best technology, longest warranty, and service. Of course, thispackage will cost you more than the others. Signature Solution and Advantage Solution offer mid-range technology, warranty, and followup services. The Plus Solution has basic or entrylevel technology and limited followup services. This solution will be the least expensive.

The Premier Solution package from Sonus helps the patient with one on one conversations as well as TV, radio, faint sounds and loud sounds. Background noise can be diminished to aid the patient. These aids come with a 3-year warranty on repair, loss and damage, batteries, free in-office maintenance, loaners while yours are in repair and free programming.

The Signature Solution will help you with the same as the Premier, yet some with 3-year repair warranty, maintenance, loaners and programming and 2-year loss and damage and batteries.

The Advantage will aid with the sound problems mentioned and offers two years on all benefits mentioned.

The Plus package aids as mentioned and has a 2-year repair warranty, maintenance and programming as well as 1-year loss and damage and batteries.

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