TV Ears

TV Ears Help You and Everyone in the Room

If you're neighbors know exactly what program you're watching because of the volume setting you have to use to hear, then this might be just the answer to your problem.

TV Ears hook directly to the television and send the signal to the earphones. You can turn up the volume on the earphones as loud as you deem necessary and no one will be the wiser. You don't even need to have a hearing loss to find the TV Ears beneficial. Even those with normal hearing can listen without disturbing others in the house or alerting unwanted visitors that you're at home.

Not only do TV Ears help you hear better at home, they also function at public venues, as long as the venues broadcast the sounds at 95 kHz infrared, which most do. If you're planning to take your TV ears to a movie theatre, concert or play, call ahead first to make sure they'll work.

How TV Ears Work

This wireless personal listening device uses infrared technology. The transmitter converts 95 kHz sound to infrared light. It then sends the signal to your headset. That's why it works in public venues as well as with personal listening devices, such as telephone, iPod, computer or television.

You can connect the cable for the TV Ears directly into the television's audio out ports. If you have none on your TV, it comes equipped with an Alternate Installation Kit to pick up the sound and transmit it to the headphones for those types of televisions.

Who Can Use TV Ears?

TV Ears can help anyone, even those without severe or any hearing loss. It makes any television a personal device that won't interfere with those around you. Hospital patients can watch television without the sound bothering the person in the bed next to them. If there's more than one television in the room, each patient can watch their own program with no interference to the other person.

For those that don't have a hearing loss but stay up later than the rest of the family, TV Ears are a huge benefit. They can watch their programs without disturbing their family members, even when they're in the same bed. Even if you're not a night owl, sometimes the television disturbs others around you, such as during their telephone conversations. You can halt any problems with the use of this device.

Improved Clarity

TV Ears improves the hearing pleasure with Voice Clarifying Circuitry. This benefit increases the clarity of the dialogue on television while decreasing the background music or sound effects. Movies such as "Lord of the Rings," with thick accented soft voices, improve when watching them with TV Ears. Even when the heroine whispers in the ear of the hero, you'll be able to savor each word.

For Those with Hearing Aids

Those with hearing devices already can use TV Ears. You can use the TV Ears in two different ways. The first is without the benefit of the hearing aids. Because the headset has tips that form to the inner ear, it blocks out extraneous noise and brings the sound directly into the ear. This often makes listening more enjoyable because it blocks out the competing sounds in the room. However, if you prefer, you can use the TV Ears Link that works with the T-coil to allow the improved quality of sound sent to your hearing aids.

Use for Two

If you and other family members have hearing loss, but at differing levels, more than one person can use the TV Ears by purchasing extra headsets from the same product line. However, you'll need a seat side charger to charge more than two different headsets at a time.

Safe for Use with Internal defibrillators or Pacemakers When Used as Directed

The magnetic field of the tip speaker is very small, less than one Gauss. While this should cause no problem with internal defibrillators or pacemakers, it's recommended you don't place the tip on the chest or directly in line with either the defibrillator or pacemaker. There have been no reported problems as of this writing.

Other Pertinent Information

TV Ears comes in several models. All models are doctor and audiologist recommended to help those with hearing loss or the inability to understand television dialogue. They also work with any type of television. You can adjust the volume of the television to any level and that includes mute, and control the volume through the headset. All TV Ears come with special headset tips that mold to the ear for comfort, while they block out noise. The transmitters are also chargers for the headsets, which weigh in at 2 ounces and are light enough for almost every user. All products have a warranty and a service guarantee. Best of all, since the headsets fit under the chin, you can wear them, remove them and you're hair remains in place.

The Digital TV Ears transmits at the speed of light since it uses infrared technology. There's no lag time to make the voices seem as though you're watching a badly dubbed Godzilla movie. It's also completely safe and doesn't interfere with cell phone transmissions.

You can use the expansion jacks on the digital models to make any electronic device amplified. Simply use the Amplification Kit and the appropriate chord, phone, voice or TV and you'll expand the uses of the TV Ears.

Depending on the model of TV Ears you use, the coverage area varies. Both the Professional and Original Plus cover up to 2000 square feet with the 2.3 system covering 600 square feet. Of course, you have to keep the headset in line of sight with the transmitter to receive the signal, since it operates on the infrared light signal.

Some kits come with a microphone. For those that still have a difficult time hearing voices even with hearing aids, others can use the microphone during communication to make understanding far clearer and more pleasurable. This is just one more feature that makes TV Ears more versatile whether buying it for yourself or as a gift for another.

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