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Unitron Hearing Aids began in 1968 and would later merge with Unitron Industries in Canada and is backed by its innovative parent Sonova. For over half a century Sonova has worked within the hearing industry creating hearing instruments for any hearing loss need. Unitron hearing aids is but one of the many brands, or companies, that falls under the Sonova umbrella.

It used to be that a hearing aid would simply help someone hear better, although if you had severe problems they didn't work very well. With the advent and quick advance of technology, the more problems can be solved.

Unitron hearing instruments come with a wide array of technologies to augment hear for the mild to severe sufferer. There are four basic listening situations that need to be addressed for any of us: quiet conversations, speech with noise mixed in to the surroundings, intense noise and music.

Speech in Noise

Quiet conversations will rely upon Unitron hearing aid's speech enhancement, feedback management and Easy-t to satisfy the needs of the user. Speech enhancement will identify the highlights in soft speech to make it easy to hear the soft-spoken.

With the feedback management system in place, the hearing aid will give you less whistling. Easy-t works with the telephone, allowing the user to put the phone up to the aid, which will automatically switch to a program that offers superior quality sound. If you combine the later with another technology, Unfi wireless, then that system will send the sound to both ears.

When you are trying to listen to someone and there is noise surrounding you, it can be quite disheartening to try to hear through the noise. Technological advances with the Unitron hearing aids offer SmartFocus™, AutoPro™, directional microphones, noise reduction, and AntiShock™.

SmartFocus™ offers will adjust the hearing aid for clear speech without having you feel uncomfortable in the noisy environment. The directional microphones will focus on the voices in front of you while the background remains dim.

AntiShock™ will have you feeling more at ease if you experience sudden noises while trying to listen to someone speak. Also, to aid in this situation are the previously mentioned technologies.

Automatic Programs

When experiencing sudden or loud noises, besides jumping out of your skin, it could wreck havoc on your hearing. The technology that has been addressed will also aid the hearing challenged with this situation. Music can also be loud or soft and with MyMusic™ the Unitron hearing aid can enhance your hearing and allow the rich, full tones to come through. AutoPro4™ is another automatic program that works specifically with music and its crescendos and decrescendos.

Accessorize Your Hearing Aids

Convenience features are aspects of hearing aid technology that make it easier for the hearing impaired to operate the Unitron hearing aids. SmartControl is a nifty little remote control that gives the user access to adjustable controls and programs. When in windy conditions, there is the wind noise manager that will adjust the aid. uDirect™ can be worn around the neck and is an interface between the electronics in the home such as a TV or MP3 and the hearing aids to plug directly into the hearing aid.

uTV works much the same with the television. Easy-DAI can actually sense external audio devices in the room and will adjust and amplify their signals. LearnNow™ is another nifty little item that with a push of a button will allow your Unitron hearing aid to learn your personal preferences.

Pick a Model That Fits Your Style

There are several different styles of Unitron hearing aids to fit most every need when it comes to hearing better, whether mild or severe hearing loss is experienced. An ultra-small BTE is available in six styles.

myStyle can also fit as an open device if the patient feels as though their ear is plugged up when wearing an aid. Moxi!3G comes the optional SmartFocus! to help the patient hear clearer and is offered with the Passport, Latitude16, Latitude8 and Latitude4 hearing aid styles.

Shift! Is the smallest BTE and comes in over 50 color combos to match whatever the patient would like to match. Again, this is offered with the Passport and Latitude series. Other BTEs include Moda!13, Moxi! And Moda! II.

Other options include a traditional BTE, an ITE (both in full or half shells), ITC and CIC. A first for the hearing world comes from Unitron in the FuseTM crossover instrument. The design of the Fuse combines an ultra-small BTE and ITE. It's full of technology, ultra-small and inconspicuous making it a winner to the hearing impaired.

Hearing accessories can also help with the Unitron hearing aids. Assisted listening devices will help in very specific soundscapes. Also, the alert and safety systems will help you around the house when say a doorbell or telephone rings or smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors go off in the home. What you'll see is a vibration in a remote control and/or hear beeps in your hearing aid. Built-in amplification telephones are available on landlines.

A few of the other Unitron hearing aid styles available include the Shine, Next line, Indigo and the Element series. Shine is a budget-happy alternative to the more expensive lines sold. It offers all the technology to make hearing clear and easy. The Next series offers something for the small to middle budget patient. For the kids you might want to try the 360 series. They offer tamperproof battery doors, come classroom ready with direct audio input and they are extremely durable through digging, diving, jumping, and running.

Unitron hearing aids offer a series for the young and the old, the rich and the not so rich. The number of styles is grand, and the sound is crystal clear. Comfort is important to the company, so they pass that importance on to the patient. When you add up all the technology Unitron can offer you, there's going to rarely be a chance to never hear again.

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