Unsatisfied Customer with Costco Rexton Hearing Aids

I purchased the Rexton Bridge 12+ hearing aids and they have been nothing but a nightmare. I have been wearing hearing aids for almost 20 years and these were the worst that I have ever had.

My hearing aids normally last about 5 years. These will almost 3 years old.. I had problems with the fitting, plus the settings, even the sound would fade in and out. I never knew when I would have to replace the filter.

I did try to take them back during the trial period and I felt obligated to keep trying them. I had wax in the ear and went to my family doctor to have the wax removed and still cannot hear right.

I realize that these were a good price and the convenience of your locations and hours helped me decide to purchase the hearing aids. The price and convenience has definitely been a big loss, especially since I had to pay for everything out of my pocket.

I would definitely not recommend you hearing aids to anybody. An expensive lesson learned.

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