Very positive experience with Costco Signature 5.0 Hearing Aids

by Gary

Visited the Costco in Orange, Connecticut for an appointment the beginning of May. I tought I would be able to walk right in. Received an appointment around the end of the month. It was worth the wait. After a half hour hearing test it was determined that hearing aids would help my situation. A demo set of the Kirklnad Signature 5.0 were put on me and what an amazing difference I noticed.

They sent me into the store to walk around and I heard sounds I have not heard before. They discussed the different brands available to me. I really liked the Signature model with the Bluetooth features so I purchased them.

I also ordered the phone clip plus which enables all audio from my smart phone to be sent to the hearing aids( phone calls--xm radio app). Really fantastic.

They are easy to use and they are programmed with four different sound situations that I can change at the push of a button on the depending on my sound situation needs..

The experience was a no pressure experience. Every day so far contains many sounds that I was not hearing (the click of a light switch, the ready bell on my coffee maker,birds, etc).

The price plus warranty coverage and loss/damage coverage is not available anywhere else. I highly recommend Costco for your hearing needs.

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