Very satisfied Costco hearing aid customer

by Dave
(Yakima, WA)

I have been wearing Costco hearing aids since about 2001. Started with analog ITE models, moved up to digital with telecoil ITE then BTE models. I have had nothing but positive experiences with professional people every time.

I recently moved to a new town and found the people at my new store to be just as friendly and professional as every Costco Fitter/Audiologist has been to me. Every time I go into any Costco Hearing Aid dept, even without an appointment, I have been seen quickly and my needs have been addressed without fail.

The warranties have been great and I have never had any problem getting my aids fixed or replaced, even when my mother in law's dog ate one pair and I returned with a sack of what looked like crunched up potato chips.

My first pair of BTE were the first Kirkland brand that were made by Rexton, I think. I am active outdoors and both rain and sweat caused them to fail several times. After over a year, Costco gave me full credit for what I had paid for them and replaced them with a set of Resound Vivid's. I have had these for 3 years now and they have been much more reliable than the Kirklands. These are now my backup pair because i just received my new pair of Resound Forza's about 3 weeks ago.

In the past 3 years I have lost an additional 20db in my left ear and 15db in my right. The Forza's are great for conversation and do reduce background noise much more than any of my previous aids. I also got the phone clip which is working great but takes a little getting used to.

Getting just the right sound you want out of any hearing aid can be a challenge and I have found that some of the Fitter/Audiologists have more experience with one brand over another. Good communication with the Fitter will get you a great outcome. I know exactly how I want my aids to sound and with one or two changes from the initial program, we have been able to do that every time.

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