Widex Hearing Aids Review

Widex hearing aids began innocently enough when two radio and radar technicians began making receiver cords for hearing aids, starting with American Earphone Company. Hal and Hen, Harold Spar and Henry Meltsner are pioneers in the hearing industry and began their career adventure mid-twentieth century after their WWII tour of duty ended.

They soon began a franchise ideal for making the replacement cords for every brand of hearing aid on the market. In the early 50s what would become Widex produced cords that could even be hidden in accessories such as a pearl necklace.

The first Widex hearing aid was the 561 model, body-worn and including a telecoil. This was a hearing aid which was ahead of its time. By now Widex had become an international company.

Pioneers in the Digital Age

Hal and Hen became the US distributors, creating replacement parts for hearing aids countrywide and worldwide. By the 1970s the hearing industry was changing and Widex continued to change right along with it by selling their products to authorized dispensers. The very first in-the-ear digital hearing aid was a Widex product, introduced in 1995.

The Senso model had proprietary programming using a range of low, mid and high bandwidths. More unique offerings from Widex include digital in-situ fittings have longer attack and release times allowing for low compression thresholds and also created the first electronic laser produced earmolds for patients.

In the early part of the 21st century Widex introduced the Inteo which had several hearing aid firsts incorporated into its design. SoundTracker simulates real sound as if a real ear. The hearing instrument has a 15-channel noise reduction algorithm (Speech Enhancer) which allows for the Inteo to adjust itself within any soundscape the user is in. With quadrillions of options available, it is adjustable for any type of hearing loss. Widex hearing aids are all 100% digital.

Widex carries a large range of hearing aids for the mild, average or severe hearing loss. There are different styles available for every lifestyle as well. CIC, canal, half concha, full custom, RIC BTE and power BTE are a few of the Widex hearing aids on the market. Models offering Dual ISP and ISP offer remarkable reception. The lines available include Mind, Real, and Passion - all names that reflect the philosophy of the company.

Widex hearing aids tout "the natural choice" in hearing. With the Mind line you will have "the pleasure of hearing". Widex affirms that the mind is the most compound aspect of the human body. With that in mind (no pun intended), the Mind hearing aids work with lightning fast precision with automatic responses to include the user in the world of hearing as the hearing aid brings out the sound you wish to hear in a manner that was happenstance with natural hearing before the loss.

Dual ISP is within each hearing aid in the Mind line and with the multiple computer chips within the instrument to process the surroundings, the intelligence produces clear and more natural hearing to the hearing impaired. Open ear models make the MindTM hearing aids extremely comfortable to wear.

Entry Level Series

Flash Widex hearing aids are for the budget-sensitive in the crowd. The Integrated Signal Processing (ISP) is a technological experience that does the processing of the sounds within the user's space to optimal natural hearing experiences. "Easy listening" is the tagline for the Flash series from Widex. CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE styles are available. Automatic features offer the benefit of the user being freed from having to constantly program their hearing aids. Four programs come with the Flash aids.

Mid-Range “Value” Series

"Real Value" is how Widex showers in the Real hearing aid series. Micro, mini, and power BTE styles as well as CIC and ITE are available to satisfy any type of lifestyle or hearing need. Easy to wear, the Real hearing aids have intelligent processing to distinguish speech from background and also the technology to backup an experience with less feedback.

Premium Digital Series

"Dedicated to detail" are the Widex hearing aids of the Passion series. Technology is the Passion's friend with four different levels, each successful in delivery of a quality experience to a different level of hearing loss.

The Aikia hearing aids are a higher-end option, offering designer shells and are practically invisible behind the ear. Sounds are automatically processed for an accurate rendition for a natural sound experience.

Technology is evident in every facet of the Widex hearing aids. Common throughout each line are several items that benefit the user tremendously. TruSound ensures the hearing aids can handle both loud and soft sounds alike, comfortably and accurately. In conjunction with the ClearBand two-way receiver the detail is extremely accurate.

The Advanced High Definition Locator and Speech Enhancer work in tandem so that you can hear speech through background noise, within large parties and has the added benefit that you can zero in on where the sound is coming from.

SmartSpeak will verbally tell the user what the aid is doing; such as changing a program or that the battery is low. Zen is a program patented by Widex that uses fractal technology to provide soothing harmonic tones and chimes to be used for relaxation and as noise-cancellation for tinnitus sufferers.

With the wide range of hearing loss that can occur, and the age range being from extremely young to old, it is necessary to have the product to back up a patient's needs. With the Widex hearing aids, the benefits are tremendous and bountiful.

The company continues to create instruments that better the life of their consumer patients in such a manner that comfortability, technological savvy and style meet to form the perfect hearing aid for every client.

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