Zounds Hearing Aids Reviews

Zounds Hearing Aids began as the quest of a father determined to find a way to help his deaf daughter. We all know that nothing can stop the love of a parent. Because of the loving care he took to create a useful hearing aid that actually helps the hearing impaired, the products he created continue to help thousands of others with the same problem.

Zounds stands behind its product and offers customers a three-point promise. The promise includes price, product selection and performance. They offer three different models with seven different selections. They keep the price reasonable so that the hearing aids are affordable and as the company notes, "No other hearing aid gives you more performance for the price."

Features That Enhance Performance

One interesting factor that makes Zounds Hearing Aids different from others is the focus on matching the performance of the hearing aid to your particular hearing loss. However, that's not the only unique feature of these high performing helpers. The Zounds Hearing Aids also cover a wider sound frequency than normal hearing aids.

The upper registry of sound is often above the 5,000-Hertz level, the place where most hearing aids cease. This frequency is often where some of the more important word sounds such as the consonants "t," "s," and "ch" sounds occur. Zounds covers the entire spectrum of frequencies including 8,000-Herts to help you distinguish between tea and teach or tips and chips. They know there's nothing worse than only receiving part of the message and continually having to ask the speaker to repeat.

Another enhanced feature that makes the company's hearing aids stand apart from the rest is the Intuitive Noise Cancellation. In noisy rooms, such as restaurants, even those without hearing impairment may have a difficult time hearing the person directly across the table from them. Those with hearing difficulties find it almost impossible, so often a time that should be pleasant with light conversation turns into a frustration.

Zounds Intuitive Noise Cancellation feature enables you to hear the person directly in front of you by canceling background noise and forming a "cone of listening." It occurs because the directional microphones eliminate all the noise except that which is directly in front of you. You'll find that enjoying a nice lunch at a busy restaurant becomes the pleasant experience it should be.

Just like any microphone, you sometimes get feedback. The microphone in most hearing aids is no different…just a lot louder when it occurs inside your ear. Zounds hearing aids have Dynamic Feedback Cancellation that helps to prevent this.

Feedback occurs when a sound from the speaker bounces off an object and in turn goes back into the microphone, where the microphone amplifies it. This can occur if you set a speaker close to the microphone in an auditorium. With a hearing aid, the object can be as simple as a telephone, but it can produce an incredibly loud and frequently painful whistle or squeal.

Other hearing aid companies enclose their hearing aids in heavy shells to avoid the problem by sealing in the speaker at the ear canal, but it still can occur. Even if it solves the problem, the casing is often bulky and uncomfortable in the ear. Most of the time, you still have feedback.

Zounds uses electronic methods to reduce the feedback. The Zounds hearing aids come with Dynamic Feedback Cancellation that immediately identifies the problem of sound passing through and eliminates the problem before you get the ringing or squeal.

Shock Sound Suppression is another feature that enables Zounds hearing aids to claim a top spot in the marketplace. The Zounds hearing aids don't just amplify all sounds, but only those that you need. Often other hearing aids amplify loud sounds, such as a firecracker. Zounds hearing aids use the technology of Shock Sound Suppression to identify loud painful sounds and suppress them to a level that's more comfortable for the listener.

EnviroSenzePlus is another feature that enhances your comfort in any environment. Instead of setting your hearing aid to one type of environment, such as noisy, Zounds hearing aids adjust the level of hearing to accommodate you if the environment changes or you move to another room. It's much like the televisions with the ability to sense the loudness of the commercial and tones down the volume. The hearing aid constantly works to adjust the amount of amplification you receive and the levels of noise cancellation.


There are four product families with nine different models from which to select.

The Clarenza Hearing System:

The Clarenza Hearing system is one of the Classic lines of hearing aids. It has the best clarity for voices and offers noise cancellation among other features. It even has a Battery Charging Station and Remote Control that comes free with every Clarenza model. You'll save money on batteries and have a state of the art hearing aid. Just a few of the Clarenza features, in addition to noise cancellation and clarity are Dynamic Feedback Cancellation, accurate programming, EnviroSenze, Shock Sound Suppression, Phone feedback cancellation and same day fitting.

Potenz Hearing System

Another member of the Classic Line from Zounds Hearing Aids is the Potenz Hearing System. The Potenz is powerful with the best in voice clarity and noise cancellation. In addition, the Potenz Hearing System has Shock Sound Suppression, Dynamic Feedback Cancellation, phone feedback cancellation, EnviroSenze, accurate programming, same day fitting and you can use a remote control to adjust it. It too comes with a battery charger and remote as part of the package.

Riazo Hearing Aid

The final hearing aid that's part of the Zounds classic line is the Riazo. The Riazo is their value line of hearing aids. It offers the same clarity as the other two, Dynamic Feedback Cancellation, Intuitive Noise Cancellation, Shock Sound Suppression, phone feedback cancellation, EnviroSenze, same day fitting and accurate programming and at a great price.

The Zeneta Micro Line

The Zeneta Micro Line offers the same quality in the Zeneta Micro ITC and the Zeneta Micro BTE except the hearing aids are smaller. They come in two styles, in the ear, which is nearly invisible and behind the ear. You'll find all the features of the classic line available in these models, except the battery charger. Instead, they offer a low battery alert and do have a remote control, which is particularly important due to their small size.

Zounds Hearing Aids is proud of their products, pricing and performance. The company firmly believes in their product and offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

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